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On our discord you will receive our updates first, whether it be events, general news concerning Mineclaps, polls regarding changes, or useful tips. You can easily discuss our posts on our Discord server and find team mates to take part in all upcoming events. Let’s get connected! 

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Mineclaps is a lively place filled with active and enthusiastic members pursuing the most aesthetic or most efficient base. However, building a base and the MMO/RPG aspect aren't the only occupation of our members. Our Staff team frequently hosts events and updates the server on a regular basis to keep you entertained. Additionally, they bring you the latest new, popular challenging content in the most unique way! If you have a suggestion for the server to work out, feel free to forward it to us!

June 18 @ 6AM CEST

Minecraft 1.16 Update!

Mojang is bringing yet another update to Minecraft: 1.16! The Minecraft 1.16 UPDATE will bring a complete overhaul of the nether? Are you curious... Read More!

APR 22 @ 7pM CEST

Welcome our Mascot!

Welcome our Mascot: Bumbs! You all have been guessing with an extroardinary passion during the giveaway! _ Bumbs the Bee! Mineclaps is introducing its very own mascot to accompany us at public places in the game and occasionally when sharing news. We've got inspired...... Read More!

APR 13 @ 5pM CEST

Raktin on Mineclaps

Raktin arrived on Mineclaps! This mysterious lone wolf surprises the entire town with his new treasures. _ The Ethyr Ranger Raktin is known for his dangerous quests throughout the Ethyr Realm. During the past time since your arrival on Mineclaps, Raktin has been... Read More!

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