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ABout Mineclaps


We Create Engaging Experiences

Our Story

Minclaps was founded by Minecraft fanatics, kezueli with the help of close friends with each having a specific skillset. The idea was formed and executed by the whole team starting from February 2020. The release itself arrived a couple of weeks later on March 28th as early access. Before all of this happened, each tester and each Staff member were connected by not only their passion for the game, but also by their vision and friend group. All of us met on different servers and decided after a couple of years to start our own story. So here we are!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a whole new, popular, but yet unique experience to all our players. The goal is to provide all our players enough entertainment to satisfy their needs. We’re doing this by starting with an open mindset and considering all community driven suggestions, eg: a huge PvP arena has been added for our warriors, MMO/RPG has been added for our MMO fans, custom achievements for the grinders, and many more features. Unlike majority of the servers, Mineclaps is being led by Staff making team decisions regarding suggestions and further additions, rather than a single owner or a select few voices making decisions. Mineclaps is for the players!

Our Team

Founder – lead dev


Our founder who is driven by passion and ambition. His knowledge about technology and Minecraft makes him an ideal leading figure for the server.

Co-OWNER – Head Builder


Relish the opportunity to direct, marshal and organize things by taking decisive action towards achieving Mineclaps’ goals in an efficient and effective way.

Co-Owner – Dev


Always attempting to improve the general gameplay experience of the average players by tinkering with plugins and helping the community when needed.

Head of staff – builder


Our team of Staff is led by a player who has been in the staffing game throughout the years, building quite the maturity and experience. Admire his builds.

admin – senior moderator


Years of experience in both Minecraft and as a staff member, merkaah provides you with righteousness and NINJA vibes. Offending rules is not an option.

senior moderator


James is the youth factor of our server. Apart from being a strict and helpful player, he also brings fresh ideas to the table and helps out wherever he can.

moderator – Builder



moderator – Builder






Helper – Builder


Helper – builder




Join our discord. get in touch with us!