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The Minecraft 1.16 UPDATE is here! Are you hyped? We definitely are! The Minecraft 1.16 UPDATE brings a complete overhaul of the Nether dimension!

What?! A new update?

A few hours ago, Mojang has announced a major news regarding the official release date of their Nether update! The update will arrive the 23rd of June on all their platforms, including the Java Edition.

Get ready to fall into lava. Lots of lava! 

Are you curious to find out more about this terrifying, yet exciting, update? All information about changes and tips can be found here on their official web page.


Will Mineclaps go 1.16?

Mhmmm… Of course we will! Don’t shiver yet, we will answer all your questions, or at least most of them, before you can ask them.

When will Survival be updated? Is there an ETA?

The Survival server, or rather a game mode, which heavily relies on plugin to provide a unique player experience.

As previous updates have shown, chances are high that most of those plugins will not be compatible with the 1.16 update right away. Neither is there any assurance of the stability of this new version.

Those are two aspects we have to take into account in order to keep providing a lag-free player experience without losing any features.

This whole process could take up to a few months, but let’s hope for swift progression of the developers.

Will Survival get a complete reset?

As far as our planning goes, a complete reset of our Survival server is not something we have scheduled yet.

Our Survival season has been ongoing for a period of three months only, which is not even remotely close to enough for a total reset. This means that if the whole process is done, only our secondary dimensions, such as the Nether and the End, will get a reset.

If it happens to be a slow process, leading to our current Survival season lasting to nearly a year, we will be announcing a complete Survival reset.

Hold the pitch forks! There is good news, I swear!

Building a base takes a lot of effort and time. Emotions… memories… those builds have it all. This is why we offer the opportunity to have you base backed up and get it transferred to the fresh world. Of course, we will be removing all valuable blocks or items as this would give you an unfair advantage.

So… All we can do is wait?

I thought you’d never ask! We’ve contacted our Host as soon as we heard the news. Mineclaps is getting its very own Vanilla Server!


Mineclaps 1.16 Vanilla Server

That’s right! We want to offer our playerbase a first hands-on experience with Minecraft’s new 1.16 update. What other way is better than hopping on the hype-train right away?

Vanilla is vanilla. That’s how we want to keep it, except for one thing: we will be adding Grief Prevention for the sake of people who can not bring up respect to other players.

We will be adding the new Vanilla server to our Network as soon as we can get our hands on the officially released files. Join our Discord server to not miss out on any details!

Images provided my minecraft.net 


Apart from this post, we’d like to announce that we will be posting more often again. We’ve had a busy period due to changes within the Staff team and adding extra Server, transforming our Survival server into an entire Network. You will be able to find more information about those changes on our News and Blog page once we post them in detail!


  1. CozmicPlayzz

    Yay!, Time to fiddle around with 1.16 Features!

  2. Karbosh

    Awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to explore the new world of 1.16! The Nether Update!!!!

    With all my friends and this nice community ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Lots Of Love 😍

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