Welcome our Mascot!

Welcome our Mascot!

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Welcome our Mascot: Bumbs! You all have been guessing with an extroardinary passion during the giveaway!


Bumbs the Bee!

Mineclaps is introducing its very own mascot to accompany us at public places in the game and occasionally when sharing news.

We’ve got inspired by one of our most active players and by the version in which Mineclaps has been built. Version 1.15 of Minecraft introduced bees to the game as only new mod, giving it a special meaning to Mineclaps.



Earlier, we’ve organised a giveaway with the focus on uniting the community and welcoming our mascot. On our Instagram page, we’ve place a post with a hint regarding our mascot. We asked our Clapsians on our Discord server┬áto guess our mascot’s name in order to make a chance to win a mysterious prize!

Special thanks to AwkwardAlpacaa for sponsoring the main prize!

Because of the hype this event was receiving and it’s interaction with you all, we decided to give away a few more prizes out of gratitude! This sums up to a total of three prizes, with the main and the second prize being for our fastest guessers. The third prize has been drawn for a raffle.

Can I get a drum roll?

And the winners are:

  1. Softoe – Sorcerer Rank
  2. XxUmyPlxX – Archer Rank
  3. Eastabunnay – Lancer

Thank you all for participating! Keep an eye on our News page for updates about upcoming events and significant changes!


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