Mineclaps on Social Media!

Mineclaps on Social Media!

by | Apr 18, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Mineclaps on social media is a fact!


Let’s connect!

Recently we’ve been working on various features and extras for our community, getting ready to leave our Beta phase and move on to the next phase: EARLY ACCESS!

But not without a proper way of connecting with our players. We’ve created even more media for you to use when you either need us or want to share an idea.

Our Discord server might not be the preferred way for some of you to contact us, so we added a Facebook Messenger button to contact us! You can find this button the right bottom of each Mineclaps page.

Hold up… we’re not done yet! When we get to this, let’s do it right. *winky face*

There isn’t a Messenger support without a correpsonding Mineclap Facebook page! If Facebook is your jam, then make sure to follow us to be up to date with our latest updates and news!

All our players a one by one creative in their own way. This is why we love putting everyone in the spotlight whenever we see something noticeable. To find all the crazy content or scenarios created by our players, make sure to follow our Instagram page! Players get featured almost daily!


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