Raktin on Mineclaps

Raktin on Mineclaps

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Events, News | 0 comments

Raktin arrived on Mineclaps! This mysterious lone wolf surprises the entire town with his new treasures.


The Ethyr Ranger

Raktin is known for his dangerous quests throughout the Ethyr Realm. During the past time since your arrival on Mineclaps, Raktin has been exploring the Ethyr Realm for its treasures and dangers. 

Today Raktin has made his first return to the Kingdom with stories and various goodies. These goodies cannot be attained in any other way than through Raktin, as Raktin is the only ranger skilled enough to retrieve those items.

The King and his Guards have opened a hunt on Raktin as he forms a danger to their Kingdom. His legendary items form a way too significant threat to their power and must be stopped. Because of this witch hunt, Raktin will be showing up on different locations on his returns and only stay for a limited amount of days.

Everyone takes it slower during the weekend, and so do the Kingdom’s defenses, making this time of the week Raktin’s most ideal moment to make an appearance. Once the week starts again on Monday, Raktin decides to take off and go on new adventures to bring new treasures with his next visit.

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