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dou are remembered for the rules you break. Mineclaps rules are set into place to keep the peace and order for all players.


Rules for each Mineclaps bound platform!

Since Mineclaps aims to connect players on both our Discord server and in-game on our Minecraft server, we have setup various rules for each of those platforms. You might notice overlapping rules, for those platforms and we are well aware of it as the purpose is to provide you with a complete list of rules for each platform.

 Let’s dive into them and check how easy it would be to keep this server a fun and warm place for all members! *winky face*


Discord Rules

Our Discord rules are set up in a way to keep a clear overview of our hierarchy, to keep peace, and make our Discord a safe haven for all our members.

  1. Do NOT spam in text channels or excessively tag staff members and other users.


  2. Be respectful to everyone at all times. Bullying, insulting, racism, sexism, or any other form of harassment will NOT be tolerated.


  3. Inappropriate language is prohibited. As in a PewDiePie fashion, this server is family friendly.


  4. Posting of inappropriate pictures, videos, links or any other form of media falls under the same rule as mentioned above. Thus, it is NOT allowed.


  5. Self promoting/advertising or sharing the link/name of another server is strictly forbidden. If you wish to have a channel or private server for your Guild, let a staff member check it out and grant you permission before you share it.


  6. You have been granted permission to change your nickname. Your Minecraft username should be part of it at all times.


  7. Under no circumstance is any form of sexual harassment or sexual exploitation allowed. If caught, the server has the right to take appropriate action leading to but not limited to the suspension of the account, revoking all ranks purchased, and/or permanent ban. As we value the safety of our members, any behavior that violates the aforementioned acts will not be tolerated. Any individual on the server who engages in inappropriate activities with a minor will also be treated equally to the prior violation. When joining the server, you agree to honor the management’s right to inform players of individuals that have violated this policy.


  8. Alternatively, if you are caught falsely accusing individuals of such behavior, you are subject to the appropriate consequence decided by the server administration which may be equal to or less than the consequences previously stated.


  9. Pursuing a player’s personal information or sharing the personal information they do not wish to be public is not allowed.


  10. The server is open to many nationalities, making this an international server. This is why we have an English only policy in our main chat. Failing to respect this rule will result in a warning or a mute.

Violation of these rules will result in a punishment according to the degree of the offense by the discreteness of our staff members. Along our Discord rules, there is a set of guidelines as well:

  1. When you seek support or have an issue which specifically requires the attention of the Support Team, create a ticket in #ticketing. This way, we are able to keep track of issues in a more efficient way.


  2. Once you’ve created a ticket, please be patient. We will get to your ticket as soon as we can.


  3. Some of our staff members have Direct Messages enabled. Please do not spam them with issues you could easily make a ticket for. They might be busy, so ticketing will give you a higher chance of being helped faster.


  4. Advertising your ingame-shop is allowed to a certain degree of once every 12 hours. If you cross this border when the channels aren’t as active, this will be considered spam.


  5. Please keep the content of the chat relevant to the respective channel.


Server Rules

All rules listed in Discord Rules apply to our set of rules for the Mineclaps servers. In addition to those rules, we have a tailored list of rules below:


  1. Hacking/Admitting to hacking is under no circumstances allowed. Any form of hacking will be treated the same, regardless of the severity.


  2. Exploiting game-breaking mechanics which shouldn’t be there is not allowed.


  3. Duplicating items in any way is strictly forbidden.


  4. Do not publicly accuse another player of hacking without proof, this only leads to drama. Contact a staff member ingame or make a ticket on discord instead.


  5. Scamming players is not allowed in any way.


  6. Spamming/flooding the chat is not allowed, which includes the following: Spamming anything in global chat whether it be advertising for a skin comp or spamming random letters, numbers and sentences.


  7. Having an inappropriate username or skin will result in staff demanding you to change it. Please cooperate to prevent escalation of the situation.


  8. Political, conservative or liberal topics are okay to talk about, but our server is not the place to start debates. Take your debates to a private space so other players can enjoy their time here.


  9. Swearing or inappropriate language aimed at a player is prohibited.  General cursing on the other hand is allowed.


  10. Begging staff or other players is not allowed. Generosity is something that’s being given, not asked for.


  11. Fake announcements, impersonating staff, and spreading false info is prohibited to prevent misunderstandings from happening.(refrain from using staff ranks misspelled version of staff ranks as nickname)


  12. We understand that everyone can go through a hard time and we would like to help you connect to the right people. But please keep our chats clear of these topics.


  13. If you or another player needs help, tell them to contact the suicide prevention lifeline as those people are professionals and know how to help someone.


  14. Possession of hacked or duped items will result in the items being taken away from you. If it would affect you in any way and the logs confirm it, we will try our best to revert your situation.


  15. Chargebacks are strictly forbidden and will result in an IP-ban. However, if you purchased a wrong item, contact the staff team to settle it.


  16. Pursuing a player’s personal information or sharing the personal information they do not wish to be public is not allowed.


  17. For the sake of common etiquette, do not claim or build near someone’s claim without permission. More specific: keep a 100 block distance between the claims.


  18. Stealing from someone or breaking someone’s build (even though it is unclaimed) is not allowed.


  19. Community warps are meant for public places, not for personal homes. Use your homes or gang homes instead.


  20. Abusing alt accounts is strictly forbidden. They shall not be used to attain more vote rewards, AFK-farms or anything that gives an unfair advantage over other players.


  21. Ban evading or trying to bypass a punishment will result in an extension on your original punishment.


  22. Account sharing/selling is not allowed.  


  23. Pvp is only allowed only in /warp pvp_arena. Pvp is at your own risk, you should be prepared to  be killed and/or losing your items in pvp_arena.


  24. Any form of traps or tp kill or burning a fellow player will be considered as griefing and punished accordingly.


    Again, in violation of these rules, the support team will act accordingly. If you would like to suggest a rule or have a rule changed, feel free to make a suggestion on our Discord server.

Stay tuned with our latest news and events to not miss out on challenges and in-game content!
By joining one of our servers, you agree to the relevant rules stated above.


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    Thanks, And What Are The Rules For Being A Staff Member…

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      Hello there!

      Of course, thank you for browsing our rules and being proactive! We can provide you the staff rules via Discord. May we ask for your screen name on Discord?

      Stay safe and always have fun <3

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