Beta is finally HERE!

Beta is finally HERE!

by | Mar 24, 2020 | News | 1 comment

Ya-Da Hee! Ya-Da Hoo! – Call your friends, family, or anyone with whom you’d want to share this adventure with! The Mineclaps Beta is finally here!


Our second and last testing phase is here!

The long wait is finally over! Now you can go on adventures and quests with a large number of challenges. Everyone has worked hard for the final touches and whilst alpha players have helped us snipe out the annoying bugs. So invite your friends to Mineclaps and let the FUN begin!

As more players will have access and we still add some more pleasant features and quests, new or still unknown bugs will appear. Post them in the comments or report them on Discord to help us improve the server.

As we mentioned in our last post, you will have to ask a staff member to give your friend access to the server in the first few days. We’re doing this so we can hold a grip on any possible new bugs. Once we progress well, our beta will be fully open to new members.

OH YEAH! All beta players will get their exclusive tag and periodically redeemable rewards!

Don’t hesitate and join our Discord to get in closer contact with us and get all updates.

1 Comment

  1. Ocean

    Ho ho ho happy new beta!

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