Alpha phase coming to an end!

Alpha phase coming to an end!

by | Mar 23, 2020 | News | 1 comment

Bye alpha, hi beta! That’s right… the alpha phase is coming to an end!


What has been achieved so far?

During the alpha phase, we’ve been fine-tuning our configs while testing thoroughly to eliminate as many bugs and problems as we could find. The alpha release was open for a select group, so in our next beta release more bugs are expected to be found.

All core-plugins to our server have been fully updated and configured to serve their purpose in our MMO/RPG concept. However, there is still work to be done, that’s why we’re transitioning into a beta release in which we will further implement our Quest lines and have more players test our features.


The beta phase: who, how, and when?

When this beta release would occur has been a question a lot of alpha testers have been asking and been looking forward to. We’re excited to inform you that our beta release will find place on March 23rd, between 4PM CEST and 8PM CEST. We will announce when beta goes live.

The beta release will be half open / half closed, meaning that you can join our Discord and request access directly to staff or ask a friend to be added to beta. We’re doing this as a precaution to keep track of our progress.


What about progress?

Both alpha -and beta players will make progress on the server whilst running tests. There will be quite some freemium “gifts” in order to find bugs. Of course this would give a huge disadvantage compared to new players when we release to the public.

For the sake of balance, all accounts will be wiped from the server to give players a fresh start. Hold on, there is no need to reach for your pitch forks yet, as we do appreciate your significance during those early stages of our server.

Alpha rank or kit? YES – Beta rank or kit? ALSO YES!

This is why alpha players will get either a rank with some perks or a periodically redeemable kit with goodies: the exclusive alpha package.

For our beta players the same rule applies. However, it is unsure how the beta phase will progress. Depending on quite some factors, we might have to wipe player data again due to fair play technicalities.

Again, hold on *winky face*. As most players spend reasonable time on building their base, we offer you the chance to post your coordinates either on our Discord server in the designated channel or here in the comments. Our team of Staff will then make a backup of your base (without items and arguably valuable blocks, such as a beacon). These backups will then be restored once the wipe has finished.

Keep an eye on our News page, Blog page or join our Discord to stay up to date. We’re looking forward to see you in-game!

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  1. bahis

    Major thankies for the article. Really looking forward to read more. Great. Juana Xever Omari


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