Unleash your inner Warrior!

Unleash your inner Warrior!

by | Mar 22, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Those who are eager to call war upon their neighbours, we didn’t forget about you! Our PvP arena has arrived!


Warp into battle for glory

We have set up a couple of warps for all our players to navigate to important places more easily. The humongous amphitheater is one of those, and to reach it you can use one of the following commands:

/warp to use a GUI with all warps listed

/warp arena to immediately teleport without having to need the GUI

The amphitheater is built in the survival world, making it possible for you to have this gorgeous construction in your skyline!


How about players with a rank?

In the fighting area, all unfair advantages such as /fly and /god are disabled. To prevent people being trapped or lured into the fighting area, all commands with regards to teleporting are made unavailable.

Note: Those modes and commands still work outside the fighting area.


Why an amphitheater?

At Mineclaps we provide the players with an MMO/RPG based gameplay, or at least the option to have this experience. Such concept comes with a lore to keep everything tied together.

The purpose of the amphitheater will become more clear as you advance in our Quest lines.

The design isn’t finite, small changes such as detailing might still appear. The only “big” update left to do is to terraform/landscape the fighting area in a way to make it more challenging and interesting.


Events and Tournaments

The arena offers plenty of opportunities to host either Mineclaps -or player organised events and tournaments. Keep track of our News page and join our Discord to get in touch with other warriors.


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