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Mineclaps provides a unique Survival world in which you have the option to play Minecraft as it is, or to explore an engaging story with quests for you to complete. These quests will lead to other segments of the lore while rewarding you with some elegant goods! Together with these quests, you can achieve an extended universe of achievements, which you can showcase in your Trophy room.
Furthermore, you will be able to train skills by the use of MCMMO and higher enchants. This way, Mineclaps provides an MMO/RPG experience through Minecraft.

Game Mode

Survival – MMO/RPG

Release Date

Season 3 – 18/12/2021

Server Address



1.18 Java / Bedrock

Economy, Jobs, shops & Auctions

Climb The Ladder

The new building heights bring tremendous amounts of freedom to players who like to build or create crazy buildings and farms. But building isn’t for everyone, others like efficiency more than any other aspect of the game. Put your mind to work and create a strategy to become the most efficient money maker! To help you build your strategy, we offer Jobs, Shop, Auctions, any many more opportunities to create a balance to earn freedom!

Create your own base, or even a kingdom you will rule over with farms of all sorts and climb the economic ladder all the way to the top!



Ranks for everyone!

Too many other servers heavily reward their donating players with in-game advantages compared to a free player. Here at Mineclaps, we believe that everyone should have the same advantages available. Whether it is through donating or grinding, you deserve them!


Apart from grinding for your rank, we also hold events and giveaways which include amazing exclusive features or amazing cosmetics!

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